Resilient International Supply Chains

Research into developing efficient resilience in global supply chains

  • Resilient International Supply Chains Global supply chains are vulnerable to systemic failure. Analysing the systems that provide the apparatus for modern business activity and synthesising best practice in risk mitigation helps us identify key strategic and operational issues for supply chain management.
  • Evolving Risk Frameworks: Modelling Resilient Business Systems as Interconnected Networks Paper presented at the Aon Benfield Hazards Conference ‘Think Outside the Risk’, Australia, September 2013. The paper presents the issues of insuring supply chain disruption risk, including the problem of identifying threats and understanding the network connectivity of modern business systems.
  • Modelling the Effect of Catastrophes on International Supply Chains Edited transcript of paper by Danny Ralph, Director of the Centre for Risk Studies, in Supply Chain and Contingent Business Interruption (CBI): A Perspective on Property and Casualty, in SCOR Focus December 2013.